OpenIO joins Kinetic Open Storage Project

The storage industry is at a crossroad with the explosion of data volumes, the complexity associated with the size of the storage environments and the business agility due to the market pressure and economic climate. Monolithic storage belongs to the past, SAN doesn’t scale and has lots of limitations, NAS suffers from old protocols that don’t leverage storage platforms but are still valid. Object storage as a technology is the answer especially when scalability is a must. Think about replacing hosts with embedded drives running a SDS software versus host connected to thousands of “special drives” with intelligent software integrated natively within the drive. This is the Kinetic idea, work and interact natively with the drive with a Key/Value Store method for the first phase and then embed more and more intelligence in a next phase to deport and delegate power towards storage endpoints.

OpenIO has a clear strategy in that space and has decided to officially announce this effort with a recent membership of the Linux Foundation Kinetic Open Storage project.

OpenIO will demonstrate the support of Kinetic during the next Kinetic plugfest and the meetup next week, April 14th.

object storage + grid for apps
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